i-Raman® EX for Analysis of Space Contaminants

The i-Raman® EX is a Raman spectrometer that utilizes 1064nm technology to provide users with high precision qualitative and quantitative solutions. Operators are able to measure a wide range of natural, biological and colored samples while minimizing fluorescence. This is especially beneficial for contamination control engineers during the A,I&T phase of spacecraft engineering, when contaminants are most likely to transfer throughout the system. Because the i-Raman Ex is able to rapidly identify potential issues, engineers are able to take immediate action earlier in the project lifecycle when corrective actions are still possible. 


  • High-Throughput Spectrograph for Faster Signal Collection
  • Patented CleanLaze® Technology for Laser Stabilization
  • Fiber Optic Coupling for Convenient Sampling
  • 1064nm Excitation to Minimize Fluorescence
  • Adjustable Laser Power